The most reliable SUV out there

When you are looking for a car one of the main factors to consider is reliability. While there might be many SUV options on the market, nothing beats the Kia Sportage for superior affordability and reliability. If you are looking for an SUV in 2020 then the Kia Sportage is a dependable choice and, according to the latest 2020 consumer reports, the Kia Sportage stands out as one of the most reliable SUVs on the market. 

Performance like never before

The Kia Sportage gives you performance like never before. The Kia Sportage drives smoothly and handles responsively, giving you all the functionality of an SUV combined with the performance of a sports car. The Sportage comes with a range of features including not-notch safety features, integrated display system, and versatile cargo space. This is why the Kia Sportage wins numerous international awards year after year. In fact the 2020 USA Insurance Institute for Highway Safety named the Kia Sportage the safest vehicle on the road for its category.


Benefits of the Kia Sportage

MotorBiscuit sums up the Sportage’s benefits by saying; “Kia’s Sportage lives up to its name by being a smooth, sporty ride. The Sportage comes with an engaging 181-hp 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine. There’s also an available turbo-four that makes 240-hp. The Sportage’s performance, tech features, and high-quality cabin make it a well-rounded vehicle.”


Sportage will suit your lifestyle

We agree! Whether you are racing around the city streets or taking an adventurous trip off-road, the Kia Sportage will suit your lifestyle. Gary Scott, CEO of Kia Motors South Africa, says: “Kia is renowned for its quality, style, and unsurpassed value. The Sportage has become an icon of what customers want in a true SUV: a vehicle that seamlessly fits into your lifestyle.”


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The advantages of driving an SUV

The advantages of driving an SUV

SUVs tick all the boxes : Despite all their advantages, SUVs come with no real disadvantages compared to traditional body types, making SUVs the ideal motoring companion for everyone from first time buyers to large families. 

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