The pros and cons of driving on cruise control

If you have a love for extended road journeys traveling to new destinations and embarking on out-of-town escapades, restassured that cruise control has been tailored with your needs in mind.

Cruise control is a modern in-car feature that allows you to drive with ease without keeping your right foot on the accelerator as it automatically regulates the speed of your car at a chosen setting. Consumers should also note that the cruise control system has to do with convenience and comfort and not substitute it as a safety feature.


● Better driving comfort when traveling long distances

● Saves on petrol consumption

● Helps to avoid violating the speed limit

● It allows you to maintain a specific speed at all times

● Reduces emissions released by the car


● Delayed breaking as it is harder to slow down quickly

● It is not ideal for fatigued drivers

● It is not ideal for bad weather conditions eg. wet roads after rain, as the car can be more difficult to

● It’s easy to become distracted while on cruise control


While cruise control makes for the perfect adventure setting on longer road trips, it is essential to note that cruise control is the safest and most useful in the best driving conditions possible as listed above and should be used with caution to avoid any accidents. At the end of the day, you are still in charge of your driving experience.



How to stay safe on the roads this Easter.

How to stay safe on the roads this Easter.

Check the details of your roadside assistance cover New and pre-owned vehicles sold through the Kia Retail network will include roadside assistance for a certain period of time at no charge. This will add peace of mind to your journey, knowing that if you need help, it is just a phone call away. Double check your cover and consider extending this cover if it has expired as it is worth its weight in gold. Motorists should keep the contact number and details of their cover handy in case of an emergency. Kia Retail customers can dial 0861 542 000 in the case of a vehicle emergency.  

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